Bus Ministry



And we have developed a program just for them.

Please take a moment and see what we have to offer you and your child.



All you have to do is help your children get

up and get ready to meet our bus; which

comes by your house every Sunday

morning. The time we will be by is listed

on the back, along with the bus captain’s

number in case you have any questions.



Our courteous bus captain will

pick up your children at your

door. When the bus arrives at

the church, your children will be

 escorted to their classroom

where friendly, competent

teachers receive them.



Your child will be instructed in the

basic doctrines of the Bible. They will

learn about God and man’s relationship

with Him. Ample time is given for

questions from the students. The chil-

dren participate in quizzes, do work

book material, and readily become involved

in the classroom activities.




After the class is over, your’ child

is escorted to a’ general assembly

room for’ a church service planned

with their needs and’ attitudes in mind.

In addition to the exciting’ programs

planned for each Sunday,’ there are some

special days and events’ throughout the

year that your children’ would’ also enjoy.

‘The bus captain will inform’ you when

these special events are held.


We consider it a real honor for you to allow us to instruct your children in the teachings of the Bible; and we strive to make sure the parents understand how important your family is to us. The bus captain will be glad to give you all the information you need.


The children are always helped back onto the bus, and are driven right back to your door. The bus captain will safely escort your child across the street, and make sure they are safe inside before driving off. Your bus captain will return the following Saturday to visit your family, and invite you and your kids to ride the bus again on Sunday. You will be visited weekly by the bus captain and workers, feel free to ask any questions or give any concerns. Your child’s safety is our number one priority..